Expressions of Interest to join the DVUSC Women’s and Girls Soccer Sub-Committee

Diamond Valley United was recently awarded a 1 Star Game Changer status and is thrilled to announce the establishment of a dedicated Women’s and Girls Soccer Sub-Committee within the club’s structure. 

Committed to fostering equality, inclusivity and promoting the growth of women’s and girls’ soccer, this sub-committee will play a crucial role in shaping the future of female football within the club.

The Women’s and Girls Soccer Sub-Committee will be comprised of passionate and dedicated individuals who have a expressed an interest in advancing opportunities for female players and coaches within the club. 

This sub-committee will operate under the guidance of the general committee, working collaboratively to implement initiatives that support the development and success of women and girls in soccer.

Key objectives of the Women’s and Girls Soccer Sub-Committee include: 

Player Development: Implementing programs and initiatives that focus on the skill development, fitness, and well-being of female players at all levels.

Coaching and Mentorship: Promoting coaching opportunities for women and girls within the club, and establishing mentorship programs to support their growth and progression in the sport.

Community Engagement: Creating a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages participation, celebrates achievements, and fosters a sense of community among women and girls involved in soccer at Diamond Valley United.

Facility and Resource Enhancement: Advocating for improved facilities, resources, and equipment specific to the needs of women and girls participating in soccer.

Diamond Valley United invites all interested parties, including players, parents, coaches, and supporters, to get involved with the Women’s and Girls Soccer Sub-Committee and contribute to the advancement of female soccer within the club.

Please note that there is no requirement/pressure for sub-committee members to join the general club committee, in fact although the sub-committee will report to the general committee, a degree of independence is encouraged and we hope to spread/share the workload.

For more information or to express interest in joining the Women’s and Girls Soccer Sub-Committee, please contact Jason on 0448 007 793

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