Summer Squad Update #2 – Tuesday 28th November

The recent success of the Matildas in the Women’s World Cup has sparked enthusiasm among our young girls and boys. Consequently, we’ve welcomed many new faces to our club, along with the return of others eager to kick the ball around.

We trust that your children have relished these sessions, and there are promising signs of budding young footballers emerging across various age groups.

At these early stages, our focus is on fostering a vital connection with the ball and mastering its control—the fundamental skills upon which we build ongoing competence. Of course, the element of fun remains paramount in the learning process.

A bit about The Club: Our 5 Year Development Plan revolves around the critical elements of player and coaching participants, driving the development that underpins all our endeavors.

As a Player/Coach: For players, we provide a progressive pathway for skill development throughout the years, aiming to Develop From Within and Upwards. Our current under 13’s and 14’s squads, for instance, have been together for a few years. The plan is for their progression through our club pathway, becoming part of an under 15 and 16 Development Squad in our planned Academy Program, with the ultimate goal of challenging for positions in our seniors’ reserves squad at 17/18. By ages 18-20, we hope they’ll be vying for a seniors’ first team position.

Recognizing that not all players aim for the pinnacle playing position, we’ll engage with our young players to understand their interests and desires. Whether it’s coaching, officiating, or administrative roles within the club, we’ll provide support and guidance.

We respect that individuals have diverse goals, and we’ll actively work with them to align their aspirations with opportunities within the club. Our association with past players and the potential for additional social-focused teams exemplifies our commitment to a holistic club experience.

Attached is a simple slide illustrating our approach: “Develop Within, Inside, and Up.” We believe this model serves our small membership groups well, helping them set goals, manage expectations, and develop as young people—ready to face challenges, build friendships, and, most importantly, have fun.

Thank you once again for entrusting us with the opportunity to work with your child. It’s our pleasure to be part of their enjoyment and development.

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