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Match Day Stress

Match days are the exciting part of playing soccer, both for the child and the parents. It’s also the time of the week that causes the most stress on everyone.

  • Coaches worried about children turning up.
  • Parents worrying about wear the ground is and what time the game starts
  • Canteen operator wondering have they got enough hot chips
  • Team managers concerned that the team hasn’t got a Referee

The important thing to remember is that everyone is going through the same thing, so treat everyone else as you would like to be treated and hopefully your experience is a good one.


TeamSnap should assist with details of where the game is being played, what time the child has to be there, who is bringing oranges/bag of snakes etc.

It may not tell you exactly which pitch is being used if there are multiple pitches at a venue – in that case arrive early!

If you are running late PLEASE let the coach/team manager know ASAP.

Match Day Assistance

Running a soccer club is a lot of hard work. DVUSC has a small committee of devoted Committee members and can’t be everywhere all the time (our own children are playing as well!).

From time to time parents will be required to do jobs which assist in the running of the match. these often thankless task ensure that our kids get to play a game on a Sunday and sometimes you may need to assist at away venues as well as our home grounds. These may include:

  • Being match referee
  • Being a lines person
  • Moving goals, placing cones and setting up a pitch
  • Keeping score and time
  • Other jobs that DVUSC coaches, officials and committee members may ask you to do.
General rules

Team Support & Games

The Club caters to several junior teams and there may be occasions when teams are short on numbers and require players as top up players.  Club coaches, players and parents work together to ensure each team is supported and has sufficient players

All players in up to and including U13 teams, can expect to receive equal game time on a Sunday.  For older ages the club does not have a policy on minimum game time and is left to each coach to manage.  Team selection is left to the coaches’ discretion and can take into account several factors including training attendance, player behaviour, attitude and ability.  All coaches’ aim to ensure that each player is given as many opportunities as possible to develop and improve. Further details are provided in the Junior Selection Policy – click here.

Training and Playing Venues

DVUSC have three venues for training and playing. Partingtons Flat, Central Park and Petrie Park.  Parents and siblings are to remain off the playing arena at all times.  Parents bringing dogs to training and on match days need to have dogs kept on lead and outside the playing area (other side of the fence).  We have had numerous complaints from parents about dog’s being let off lead while children are on the ground.


The Club does not have a weather policy for match days, however where a large amount of rain has fallen and the ground is unplayable, games may need to be cancelled/postponed. Sometimes this is a local council decision to which the club has to abide by.

TeamSnap will be the best place to check if games have been postponed/cancelled.

Make sure you have notifications turned on in TeamSnap.

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