Junior training sessions are the backbone of junior player development. The Sunday morning game itself is just a way to display the skills that the players have learnt at training sessions. Soccer training sessions:

  • develop player skill
  • improve player fitness levels
  • teach team rules
  • develop team play
  • increase social skils and confidence

General Training Information

Players should arrive at training a t least 5 minutes or more before their scheduled training session.

As soccer is a winter sport, the player should come dressed in suitable layered clothing (including the training uniform) so that items can be removed as the body heats up and training becomes more intensive ie Hoodie or spray jacket etc

Players should be wearing soccer/football boots with appropriate grip/studs etc Futsal boots are not appropriate for outdoor training.

Players should bring a water bottle to each session.

Coaches will run the session within the pre-determined times. If a child need to leave training for any reason, the child needs to advise the coach.

Attendance At Training

DVUSC expect players to attend as many training sessions as possible. We do however understand that sometimes the kids/parents have other commitments and occasionally players will be unable to train. Things like school camps, band concerts etc. 

If a player is unable to attend training, for whatever reason, players/parents are obligated to advise the coach of the same. The easiest way to do that is to mark your child as not attending training in the TeamSnap app see video below.

Weather At Training

The Club does not have a weather policy for training, however where a large amount of rain has fallen and the ground is unplayable, training may need to be cancelled/postponed. Sometimes this is a local council decision to which the club has to abide by.

The club will contact all coaches on the morning of training and advise to make other training arrangements.  The club allocates a small amount of funds for coaches to book indoor venues as an alternate training option.

TeamSnap will be the best place to check if training has been postponed/cancelled.

Make sure you have notifications turned on in TeamSnap.

Training does occur when it rains and the temperature is cold so please do not assume training is off because of rain.  Your coaches and team managers will advise if training is cancelled.   

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