DVUSC Photography & Media Policy

Purpose: The purpose of this photo policy is to ensure the privacy, safety, and well-being of all participants within Diamond Valley United Soccer Club while promoting a positive and inclusive environment.


  1. Consent:

    • Prior consent must be obtained from parents or legal guardians before capturing and using any photographs or videos featuring minors participating in Diamond Valley United Soccer Club activities. (Done at junior registration)
  2. Official Club Media:

    • Diamond Valley United Soccer Club reserves the right to capture and use photographs or videos for official club communication, promotion, and documentation purposes.
  3. Non-Official Photography:

    • Non-official photography (by parents, spectators, etc.) is allowed but should be considerate of individual privacy.
    • Unapproved commercial use of photographs or videos taken at Diamond Valley United Soccer Club events is strictly prohibited.
  4. No Posting of Inappropriate Content:

    • Participants, parents, and spectators are prohibited from posting or sharing any inappropriate, offensive, or harmful content related to Diamond Valley United Soccer Club on social media or other platforms.
  5. Reporting Concerns:

    • Any concerns regarding the inappropriate use of photographs or videos should be reported to the DVUSC Excutive immediately.
  6. Social Media Guidelines:

    • When sharing photos or videos on social media, individuals should be mindful of the content and avoid tagging other participants without consent.
  7. Special Requests:

    • Parents or guardians may submit special requests for their child’s photos not to be used in club communication. Such requests will be respected to the extent possible.

Enforcement: Violation of this photo policy may result in disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the Diamond Valley United Soccer Club management.

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