The Diamond Valley United Soccer Club is a community based club which promotes participation, development and enjoyment of the game above all other factors. 

Game Time – Up to and including U13 teams:

The club has a very strict policy to ensure every player gets equal game time each week. 

This applies to all ages up to and including Under 13s. 

Coaches are encouraged to use a rotation method to ensure that all players are given the same opportunity on the field. The challenge of stopping play and replacing a player means minutes played may vary by a couple minutes. The threshold for any difference between players minutes should not be more than 5 minutes each week. There are two reasons for exemption from the policy.

    1. A player is removed from the field due to injury. In this case the player can return to the field once they are ready and the coach can subtract the injured players injury time from their playing minutes
    2. Where a team has a single goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is permitted to play the whole game.

Game Time – U14 to U17 teams:

The club has a very strict policy to ensure all players play a minimum of 50% game time each week. 

Coaches are encouraged to use a rotation method to ensure that all players are given the same opportunity on the field and the club encourages the coach to use fairness when determining playing time, however the coach does have the ability to use discretion.  

For players, an equal playing time system is better defined as an ‘equal opportunity system’. Players can take advantage of these opportunities, and thereby increasing the likelihood of getting Equal Playing Time, by helping their coach, team and their team mates – See “A note to players regarding this policy”


A note to Players regarding this policy:

Players can help their coach, team and their team mates by:

    • playing to the best of their ability ; and
    • preparing themselves (physically and mentally) to play to the best of their ability at all times
    • demonstrating commitment to the team by maximising attendance at training
    • behaving appropriately and with respect

A note to Parents regarding 
this policy:

The coaches only receive a small incentive to take the time to coach your child. It takes a lot of commitment and time to take on the position. If you need to approach a coach due to an issue with game time, you are asked to do so in a respectful and kind manner. In this situation please keep records. Threats and poor behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with the club’s discipline policy. After respectfully discussing any issue with the coach, and if your query hasn’t been resolved or continues to occur, you should contact a club committee member. 

A note to Coaches regarding 
this policy:

The club takes this policy very seriously. 

You might notice that the parents come to many of the games. The reason why parents come to watch the games is to see their son or daughter play. As a secondary consideration, parents will tell you it’s nice the team wins, but their number one priority is to see their child participate. If you keep this simple principle of equal participation in your mind when the game begins, you’ll be on your way to a very successful season — regardless of whether the team wins or loses. That means not letting the less talented players play in the second half when the score is lopsided and the game already decided. Sprinkle in all of your players throughout the game. 

That way, every player will come out of the game knowing — win or lose — they helped contribute to the team’s effort. Now, that’s coaching!

Coaches are encouraged to keep records and proof of game time. Keep TeamSnap up to date with regards to who trained and who didn’t so you have data to justify your decisions – however the equal game time/50% game time rules exist regardless of how often a player trains. If you are having difficulties please speak to the football department.

Finally, as Coach you must be aware that almost all of your decisions and choices of actions, as well as strategic targets, have ethical implications. It is natural that winning constitutes a basic concern/desire for you as the Coach, and this Policy is not intended to conflict with that. However, the Policy requires that as Coach of a junior soccer team, you must wherever possible disassociate yourself from a “win-at-all-costs” attitude

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