DVUSC Junior Coach Code Of Conduct

Safety and Health of Participants

  • Place the safety and welfare of the participants above all else.
  • Be aware of and support the sport’s injury management plans and return to play guidelines.

Coaching excellence

  • Help each person (athlete, official, etc) to reach their potential. Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each person and encourage them with positive and constructive feedback.
  • Encourage and support opportunities for people to learn appropriate behaviours and skills.
  • Support opportunities for participation in all aspects of the sport.
  • Treat each participant as an individual.
  • Obtain appropriate qualifications and keep up-to-date with the latest coaching practices and the principles of growth and development of participants.

Honour the sport

  • Act within the rules and spirit of your sport.
  • Promote fair play over winning at any cost.
  • Respect the decisions of officials, coaches and administrators.
  • Show respect and courtesy to all involved with the sport.
  • Display responsible behaviour in relation to alcohol and other drugs.


  • Act with integrity and objectivity, and accept responsibility for your decisions and actions.
  • Ensure your decisions and actions contribute to a harassment-free environment.
  • Wherever practical, avoid unaccompanied and unobserved one-on-one activity (when in a supervisory capacity or where a power imbalance exists) with people under the age of 18.
  • Ensure that any physical contact with another person is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the person’s skill development.
  • Be honest and do not allow your qualifications or coaching experience to be misrepresented.
  • Never advocate or condone the use of illicit drugs or other banned performance enhancing substances or methods.
  • Never participate in or advocate practices that involve match fixing.


  • Respect the rights and worth of every person, regardless of their age, race, gender, ability, cultural background, sexuality or religion.
  • Do not tolerate abusive, bullying or threatening behaviour.
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