DVUSC Committee

The Committee members of the Diamond Valley United Soccer Club are all volunteers and at the time of updating this website, all the current Committee members have children playing at DVUSC. Generally the reason parents get involved is because they may see a gap in what the club is doing and think they have the necessary skills to make the club a better place for their kids as well as everyone’s else’s. 

We are always on the lookout for additional Committee members OR if you can’t commit the time to the General Committe, please consider joining one of our sub-committees.

DVUSC Executive

Mark O'Shea


0417 505 078


Jason Innes


Fotos Andreou


DVUSC Committee

Jim Sapardanis

Junior Boys Coordinator

Mobile to be added


Kellie Weir

Junior Girls Coordinator

Laura Bertazzon

Committee Member

Daniel Winter

Committee Member

Tanya Stewart

Committee Member

Jamie Cox

Committee Member

Tonia Topaloglou

Committee Member

Gordon Kirkwood

Club Stalward

DVUSC Football Department

Stewart Blair

Head Of Football

Neil Drapper

Football Operations

Jim Daglaras

Football Department

DVUSC Major Sponsor