Junior Commitment To Play

We understand that 2020 has been a tough year. As a Committee and parents of junior players at DVUSC, we were also out of pocket as a result of the cancelled season. We are currently working hard to ensure that the club is up and running and that those members that paid fees and received a refund or credit towards the 2021 season are well looked after. To those members who donated their fee refunds back to the club, we thank you for your generosity, especially in such a trying year.

Below you will note some of the things we are trying to ensure members feel valued.

Lower Fees in 2020

We are trying to reduce junior registration fees in 2020

100% Fee Return if season doesn't commence

We've got something exciting planned to give a bit back to those members who paid fees in 2020. 

ProRata Fee Return If season starts and is interupted

Even before the season starts the club incurs costs. Utilities, equipment, COVID safety etc - If the season starts and is interupted, fees will be refunded prorata based on the number of games etc

DVUSC 2020 Member Loyalty Card

We are giving our loyal members back something in return for the 2021 season (well... those who paid fees in 2020)

special deal on uniforms in 2021

We are working on some exciting offers for those members who paid fees in 2020

We believe that all players deserve to play the game they love without prejudice. DVUSC are a local community based sporting club and therefore the club will NOT be having junior trials for the 2021 season.

So it’s first in best dressed from this point on. Complete the form below and reserve your child’s spot for 2021. At this stage we are not asking for a deposit or fees to reserve a spot.

Please note: When the time comes to pay a deposit and eventually fees, spots will only be held for those who have paid. The club got caught out last season with a number of players registered without paying fees – the Committee won’t let this occur in 2021.

Junior Player - Commitment To Play 2021

2020 Season

2021 Season

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