2021 Junior Handbook


Congratulations on joining Diamond Valley United Soccer Club (DVUSC) for the 2021 season. 

The club is run by a small but committed group of volunteers (mostly parents of junior players) with a view to making DVUSC an enjoyable place for your child to play soccer.

There is a lot of information below. Use the table of contents to find the information you seek and if you can find something, contact one of our junior coordinators – their details can be found here. Most pages will open in a new tab, so once you are finished reading that page, close that tab and you’ll be back on this page. Additional information about the club can be found here.

Table of Contents

Information About The 2021 Season



Junior Boys Information

Junior Girls Information

Our Coaches



2021 Fixtures

Match Days

2021 Events

Car Parking

DVUSC Club Song



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DVUSC Facebook

SportsTG Website

DVUSC Feedback Form

Policies and Guidelines

Junior Player Code Of Conduct

Junior Coach/Official Code Of Conduct

Parent/Supporter Code Of Conduct

Junior Selection Policy

Refund policy

Junior Photos/Media Guidelines

complaints & feedback

Information About DVUSC

DVUSC Executive

DVUSC Committee

our Grounds

DVUSC And The Community

good Sports Program

Play By The Rules

DVUSC Major Sponsor