DVUSC Continuous Improvement

The DVUSC Committee is pleased to announce that the club has started to implement a new program to ensure the club runs smoothly in 2023 and beyond.

The DVUSC Continuous Improvement Program will ensure that all DVUSC activities and the policies and procedures that govern the activities are well documented, up to date and reflect the clubs values, vision and mission. The DVUSC Continuous Improvement Program is part the club’s renewed 5 Year Strategic Plan – starting right now.

First task we have decided to tackle as part of the Continuous Improvement Program is the DVUSC Junior Game Time and Selection Policy.

You can find the new policy here. https://dvusc.club/dvusc-junior-game-time-and-selection-policy/

We will be working hard during the off-season to ensure the experience at DVUSC is as friendly, enjoyable and as successful as possible.