DVUSC Junior Update – Tuesday 13 April 2021


Uniform orders are now in and can be colelcted from the Partington Flats clubrooms from 5:45pm Tuesday (tonight) and 5:45pm Thursday nights. This excludes any new orders that were made within the last week.

FFV Registration

All junior players are required to register with the FFV. There is NO cost associated with the FFV registration as the club includes this fee within the club registation and pays it on your behalf. Click this link: https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/WelcomeRegPlus.aspx?entityid=7791&save=0

Junior Fixtures

A preliminary fixture has been release for our junior teams. The fixtures are however still being determined and finalised by the FFV. We hope to have confirmed fixtures late Wednesday. Please note that the club and coaches have no control over game venue or time. Please also note that due to re-grading and last minute team additions/withdrawals, the fixture is subject to change at any stage.

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