DVUSC Membership & Registration – 2023 Season

Details Price Qty
Development Squad $350.00 (AUD)  
Development Squad - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U8 Boys $550.00 (AUD)  
U8 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U9 Boys $550.00 (AUD)  
U9 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U10 Boys $600.00 (AUD)  
U10 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U11 Boys $600.00 (AUD)  
U11 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U12 Boys $650.00 (AUD)  
U12 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U13 Boys $700.00 (AUD)  
U13 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U14 Boys $725.00 (AUD)  
U14 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U15 Boys $725.00 (AUD)  
U15 Boys - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U11 Girls $600.00 (AUD)  
U11 Girls - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U15 Girls $725.00 (AUD)  
U15 Girls - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired
U16 Girls $725.00 (AUD)  
U16 Girls - Deposit $100.00 (AUD)   Expired

  • April 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023
    12:00 pm

Junior registration for the 2023 Season is now open


All junior enquiries can be directed to the following DVUSC Committee Members:

  • Junior Boys – Jim Sapardanis – 0412 685 397 – junior.boys@dvusc.club
  • Junior Girls – Kellie Weir – 0401 050 606 – junior.girls@dvusc.club


  • Deposits are non-refundable and are offered to make it easier for parents prior to Christmas. A deposit reserves a spot and balance of fees will be payable by the 1st April.


  • Day and times are yet to be confirmed. Please contact Jim on 0412 685 397 – junior.boys@dvusc.club for further details.


  • Places are first in – first served so please pay at the time of registration to avoid missing out.


  • The FFV requires all players to play in their correct age group which may not correspond with your school year.
  • Age is determined as at 1st January of the current season.
  • Players may be permitted to play up an age group, but are generally not permitted to play down an age group.

Please ensure that you select the correct age group when registering.

  • Age group U5/6/7: players turning 5, 6 or 7 during 2023
  • Age group Mini Roos U8: players turning 8 during 2023
  • Age group Mini Roos U9: players turning 9 during 2023
  • Age group Mini Roos U10: players turning 10 years old during 2023
  • Age group Mini Roos U11: players turning 11 years old during 2023
  • Age group Juniors U12 Boys/Girls: players turning 12 during 2023
  • Age group Juniors U13 Boys/Girls: players turning 13 during 2023
  • Age group Juniors U14 Boys/Girls: players turning 14 during 2023
  • Age group Juniors U15 Boys/Girls: players turning 15 during 2023
  • Age group Juniors U16 Boys/Girls: players turning 16 during 2023


  • Online credit card payment (or deposit) must be made at the time of registration to confirm your position. Places are first in – first served so please pay at the time of registration to avoid missing out. If you require a payment plan and/or need to make payment via a different method, you must contact one of the junior coordinators BEFORE you register. Your registration is not fully accepted until Deposit OR Payment has been received and/or a payment plan has been setup. Don’t miss out and disappoint your child – payment options are available however you MUST contact us.
  • We have stopped taking deposits and will shortly be chasing up the balance for registration fees from those who have paid a deposit.


  • Details of the uniform will follow in a due course.


  • Parents will be invited to download and join TeamSnap – A team management and communication tool that we use to help manage all DVUSC teams.


  • All players are required to register with the FFV as well as the club. DVUSC has covered the cost of your FFV/FFA Registration in the fees.


We have a number of teams with coaches already assigned. We will try everything to fill a team, if a team cannot be formed due to low numbers we will refund any fees paid. We are always on the lookout for new coaches – contact the junior coordinators.


If you use outlook.com, outlook.com.au or hotmail.com email addresses, there is a chance em ails from DVUSC will go to your junk/spam folder. Be sure to check those folders if you cannot find emails from DVUSC.  Click here for details about how to stop this from happening.

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