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New Committee Members

2021 was a real struggle in terms of running the club.

Only a handful of members (parents) had decided to be on the 2021 Committee – Thank you to Mark, Fotos, Jason and Kellie for an outstanding effort especially given the extra workload with COVID protocols etc the season was very busy and very long.

Luckily several members have decided to step up to the plate and help out (thank you).

The Committee for the 2022 season now stands as:

  • President: Mark O’Shea
  • Treasurer: Fotos Andreou
  • Secretary: Jason Innes
  • Junior Girls Coordinator: Kellie Weir
  • Junior Boys Coordinator: Jim Sapardanis (New)
  • Senior Coach: Michael Santoro (New)
  • Senior Liaison: Gordon Kirkwood¬†(Returning – although he never really left)

The club is still looking for parents and members to join our ranks or if you can’t commit fully, speak to us about some roles you might be able to share with someone or might be able to help with without joining the Committee.